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two way

Two-Way Integrations

Our standard EMS integrations are two way, receiving data from and sending data to your EMS of choice.


Support for Multiple APIs

Our standard approach uses REST APIs but we can integrate SOAP APIs as circumstances dictate.


SSO Integration

Our SSO engine is Google Firebase but we also support customer SSO or more complex uses cases.


Zero Integration Costs

Unless your integration is really isolated to only your use case, we never charge for integration services.


Advanced Settings

Our integrations even include complex functionality like visibility/enrollment rules and attendee types or tags.


Data Out of Amego

For non-EMS powered elements like Amego surveys, we offer webhooks to get data moving to wherever you like.

We can connect your EMS and have core event data flowing in minutes

We offer full service integration support (no charge) and can usually have all integrations working in hours or days. Once established, these integrations update instantly with webhooks for priority data or on a timed pull for less important data.


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