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Flagship Conferences

Scalability, offline access, surveys, and deep EMS integrations all come into play for your big events. We built Amego from experience at these events and have made them our hallmark since our founding.

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Multi-City Tours

When you take the big show on the road you need a few of our critical ingredients: a multi-event branded container, precise time zone controls, segmentation across the event metrics, and localization tools.

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Product Launches

Product launches might be both digital and live, so you need a platform that can flex to support both. Amego solves that and has options for password free event access, making it easy to access for all your end users.

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Regional Meetups

Small events have special needs of their own. You might have a lot of these, so you need a way to quickly recreate events with minimal effort that still give attendees key tools like meetings and networking.

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Bespoke 'Vibe' Events

Special audiences require special access. Amego has the ability to create granular attendee segments which can then be used to send customized messages or create special access for small groups.

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Digital Special Events

Digital events arose during the pandemic and remain an important part of the events portfolio. Amego has full support for video, creating another distribution channel for your recorded or live content.

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