Simple web administration for your apps

Our Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy for event pros to manage app changes, even on site


Make changes, see changes

No, you don't need a release to see a change, and yes, you can make changes any time you want!

Make native app configuration changes from our CMS

The flexibility you've dreamed of having

Make all your core event content changes in your EMS, but any app-specific changes can be made quickly and easily in the app, with most changes showing within 5 minutes. Brand updates, new configurations to home, settings, visibility and enrollment rules - all of it can be readily administered by you and your team in the Amego CMS.

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Instant Updates

Sometimes you need a change NOW. Amego stands out from the pack with our agile capability to change almost anything from our CMS. In fact, only your app name, app icon, and font require an app store update. The rest can be changed within minutes.

Flexible Settings

Amego supports a wide range of granular controls that make it easy to flex based on your preferences. Most of our features have multiple settings to allow you to dial in the exact experience you want to give attendees.

Integrated Notifications

Amego's platform (and pricing) includes notifications. We support push, news feed, in-app messages, surveys, polls, and Q&A. It's all easily configurable in the CMS and can be sent with highly granular segmentation to any audience you want.


Our built-in analytics gives you real-time, easily shareable metrics for each screen. We capture total visits and unique visitors for every screen and sponsor, and deliver it in a way that's easy to clip and place in a deck or email.

Get up and running in our CMS in minutes

Our CMS is easy to use, is filled with help to guide you, and is backed by our promise to give you amazing customer support whenever you need it.

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Dashboard Screen
Dashboard Screen
Dashboard Screen

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