Built for the reality of events

Fixed date live events are difficult to organize

Executive input 10 days before the event, last minute changes, wholesale schedule changes during the event... you have to be ready for anything. But your tools have to support you, too. We built Amego to be an event organizer's best friend onsite.

Our founding vision is to make the most immersive on-screen experiences for attendees, in a way that honors and amplifies the brand of the event, while making it possible for event organizers to say YES to all of the late demands that fly at them, without stress or risk.

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Aside from the app icon, app name, and custom fonts, EVERYTHING in Amego can be instantly changed from our web CMS.


Need something custom? We will happily consider it, and often use these both to satisfy customers and to extend our feature set.


Amego is built to be controlled by settings that you can turn on or off at any time to create your preferred app setup.


Our platform is built on the latest technology, which is the key enabler for everything that makes Amego work well for event marketers.

Forged at the B2B world's biggest event, Dreamforce

Amego is built to scale from events with 100,000+ attendees all the way to a 200 person intimate gathering

As an event marketer, you need a platform that your peers will compliment as great looking, easy to use, and on-brand. You need a system that allows for late changes - even during the event - and enables communication of awesome event activations to all your attendees. Amego gives you all of that and more. Connect with us for a demo to see firsthand how we can help you deliver your best events yet.


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