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You can see Amego in action right now. First, register for our demo event, FictionFest. Then, download EventsGo for an instant tour of the Amego platform.


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Get a top tier event app experience, instantly

With EventsGo, there's no compromising. You get a beautiful, feature-rich app without the lost time or technical hassle of setting up your own app stores. Each EventsGo app can be ready in minutes and has most of the tools in the full Amego arsenal. Your brand, colors, and images can be injected to make each event experience your own.

Dynamic home screen

Set up your home screen with event branding at the top, our 'up next on your agenda' widget below it, and then any othe event highlights you want to include to drive attendees to different activations at your event.

Mobile screen
Mobile screen

Feature-rich content library

Our library includes a day picker, the ability to enroll or favorite sessions, filters based on session tags, and search that checks session titles, descriptions, and speakers. It's a comprehensive content solution.

Complete session details

Session details are the heart of each session, and in Amego you'll see everything you expect: session date, time, location, description, speakers, sponsors, and a map. All of these can be easily set up in your EMS or in Amego to guide attendees to the right content.

Mobile screen
Mobile screen

Personalized agendas

We modeled our personalized agendas after Google calendar because it's a familiar interface that attendees can quickly understand. Enrolled or favorited sessions show in the agenda, and the + sign can be tapped to fill any gap in the schedule.

Sponsor showcases

Sponsors can be listed in groups, which can be organized to show in the right order - both the groupings and inside each group. tapping a sponsor shows their profile, links, booth location(s), and their sponsored sessions. You can take notes for a sponsor, too.

Mobile screen
Mobile screen

Speaker catalogs

Amego has a standard screen for speakers that lists all speakers in 'featured' and 'all' groupings, alphabetically. Tapping on a speaker shows their profile, which shows their bio, the sessions they're speaking in, and a way to save notes on a speaker.

More menu

You can use Amego's CMS to create rich text articles easily, then add them to the More menu along with links to screens or URLs that take the user to a web page with the in-app browser. The More menu is also where we show settings and other utilities.

Mobile screen
Mobile screen

Advanced notifications

Amego has a number of push messaging options (included in our pricing) that allow you to send notifications immediately or on a schedule, to all attendees or very granular segements of attendees.

With EventsGo you can strike a balance between brand/control and speed/pricing

Yes, you can actually have something excellent, now, and for a lower cost. EventsGo makes it easy to get started with Amego in minutes.


Instant Availability

EventsGo is live in the app store now. You can use the Amego CMS to quickly and easily configure your app and see it published in EventsGo in minutes.


Branded App Screens

The container may not be dedicated to your brand but the app screens inside are fully branded. Use Google fonts plus your images and colors to tie the app into your brand.


Value Pricing Flexibility

EventsGo mobile apps are offered at lower prices than our branded app containers. You may lose a small amount of functionality but gain speed and value.

Amego FAQs

Common questions about Amego and our apps

Amego has a web CMS that you can use to manage all of your content, but we'd like to get you off to a good start. We'll first show you a demo, then once the SOW is signed we can give you access and help you get your initial apps ready. We're always around to help as much as needed.

We have a lot of reasons to share, but the big ones are 1) we are the only mobile platform built in the past 5 years, and it shows with our branding and agility, 2) we understand events from the client side and have built solutions to those unique problems into our platform, and 3) we are easy to work with, including simple pricing and fast timelines + late changes.

If you want an app that is a standalone app, in your app stores, without any limitations on branding and focused on your event(s) only, branded is the way to go. If you want to save money and don't mind being mixed in with other events, choose EventsGo.

We've powered events for some of the biggest brands in the world - you can see many of their screens here. In its first year Amego powered app experiences for over 100,000 attendees, in events as small as 100 people and as big as 20,000.

Amego was founded in 2021 by Scott Owens, a longtime events industry veteran. Since its launch in late 2022, Amego has made dramatic advances in its product offering that led to very strong momentum in new customer growth. Expect great things from Amego going forward.

Amego is a SaaS solution that is deployed equally to all our customers. We often take customer ideas and make them into features. Fr home screen and other screen customizations that are specific to your brand, we offer the Brand Custom solution. For true customizations, we work with our partner, BW Events, to offer either professional staffing solutions with Amego experts or to create custom solutions that can be easily integrated into Amego.

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