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We've walked in your shoes and know the challenges of event life!

Amego makes at least one aspect of events easier

We know events are tough, and the mobile app naturally falls near the end of the timeline. You need a solution that allows you to be flexible late in the game without giving up the features and capabilities your stakeholders expect.

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    Make instant changes all the way up to and during events

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    Work with Amego to get customizations and new feature ideas implemented

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    Take advantage of our unmatched suite of tools to message and connect attendees

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Solutions for event professionals


Client Side Events Experience

Our team comes from the client side of enterprise companies like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and others. We understand the pressure you face in pleasing both attendees and internal stakeholders. Let Amego be the star of your event execution!


Understanding Event Timelines

The app is frequently one of the last items to get attention pre-event. You need simple but powerful tools to help you execute those details that are only known close to the event. Amego makes it easy with simple editing tools.


Built for Flexibility & Agility

Late changes, bad planning from stakeholder teams, unexpected exec input - we've seen it all and know how frustrating it can be. Amego is built to equip you to make tweaks or wholesale changes and see them within minutes.


The Answer is.... YES

If you have a custom need or a question out of left field, just ask us! Our platform is configurable in many ways and we often take customer ideas and implement them as new features. We try to say yes to as many requests as possible.

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Give us 30 minutes for a demo and we'll show you how Amego can bring your brand to life and create amazing experiences for your attendees.

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